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Special products

TAFYMSA's capacity for innovation is clear when the customer has demands that cannot be completed using a standard production model. In its long business career, TAFYMSA has responded to challenges from industries outside the transport sector, from companies seeking technical solutions to achieve their required final design.
Once the role of the product is clearly described, the constructive aspects and unique conditions are designed and finally TAFYMSA uses its innovation to complete the new project. The adaptability of our manufacturing and technical professionals enables the realisation of even the most demanding industrial projects.

In TAFYMSA, innovation is a working tool for the development of our industrial business. If you need a product with unique design features, please contact TAFYMSA and our Engineering and Product Development Office will advise you on the solutions available to you.

Spherical mercury tank (50 TM) Click to read more on Project MERSADE

140 metre vertical tanks

Detachable tank