Tank manufacturing, repairs and maintenance

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1) Starting point:

We know that something can fail suddenly and we act to prevent it

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2) Work method:

We draw from the experience to anticipate mistakes and turn them into solutions

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3) Final Goal

We work to prevent wear and tear from affecting years of reliable performance

The irreplaceable principle

Strict compliance with the rules and directives of the E.U would be enough to ensure the reliability of our tanks, their safety and the integrity of the goods being transported. However, there is much more to our products and equipment. Since the very first designs, it was established that the key features of our tank's structures must be subjected to special controls. Strict surveillance on these features, extra strengthening on certain structural supports selected during the design process, internationally approved welding systems, liquid penetrant testing, X-ray examination of welds and other examinations and tests in extreme use conditions allow us to present our customers today with a finished product of unquestionable safety.