Tank manufacturing, repairs and maintenance

Foto de camión con cisterna en la puerta de TAFYMSA
Resources and facilities

TAFYMSA is able to undertake the design and manufacture of tanks and other specialty products with full warranties for building, supply and finishes.

Human resources
  • Skilled operators in the different stages of production:
    1. Mastering the MMA welding processes, MIG-MAG and TIG welding on carbon steel and stainless steel (100% of the production staff)
    2. Mastering the MMA welding processes, MIG-MAG and TIG welding of aluminium (33% of the production staff)
    3. Qualified welders in one of the 11 TAFYMSA welding procedures (50% of the production staff)
  • Department of Internal Quality Control and Finishes
  • Engineering and Product Development Office
Technical equipment
  • 5 bridge crane with a capacity for 3.6 tons.
  • 27 semi-automatic welding machines with pulsed arc and high frequency inverter
  • 36 stationary machines for any type of material processing
  • Two underground tanks with capacity for 20,000 litres each and a pump with various connections over the vessel to test periodic pressure as required by ADR in the building of the tanks.
  • Parameterisation of the brakes and suspension system using specific software, and programming the electronic control unit for independent electronic control systems, which are fully configurable according to the customer's request.
  • Special slings for the proper handling of materials
  • Special Teflon protected tooling for shaping plates and bending rings
  • 2 production floors (2500 m2) with areas for manufacturing, repair and testing
  • Warehouse area 700 m2
  • Parking area
The versatility of our staff is a philosophy that has kept TAFYMSA going strong; in this case it is the insulation of the tank shell for its isotherm layer.
It is essential to have machinery for lifting heavy loads in the manufacture of bulky and heavy items such as tanks.
The extension of our facilities and their easy access allows us to accommodate a large number of customer orders and to avoid delays in repairs due to lack of space.