Tank manufacturing, repairs and maintenance

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TAFYMSA offers firm maintenance programs for all tanks and equipment produced in our plant. Periodic verification of the tank's general condition through our registered processes is the best way to ensure that a transport is safe, profitable and meets all regulations. Our regular maintenance programs ensure the reliability of our tank-vehicles and, consequently, the profitability of the work our clients carry out in their respective areas.


Our repair service is built on technical expertise, speed and safety. We provide fast customer service solutions to some of the common problems in tank-vehicles.

Repair for big or small accidents, changes of parts and materials, special cleaning-up etc. are some of the repair services that we always provide.


TAFYMSA has the technical and human resources needed to undertake structural or mechanical refurbishment on any other type of tank-vehicle currently in circulation.

When carrying out the customer's requirements, we look for the best technical and economical solutions when undertaking the redesign of the tank-vehicle. Our objective is in line with customer's own: to achieve a final product to suit the new required demand.

In TAFYMSA we care about all the sector's companies, whether or not they are owners of our tanks.
The TAFYMSAopen program is designed to integrate our regular maintenance schedules for professionals and owners whose tank-vehicle has been produced by another manufacturer.
The brand does not matter. Our technical department is prepared to carry out the servicing and maintenance of the tank as if we made it.
If you are interested in our TAFYMSAopen program, please contact us to discuss your requirements.