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Safety advice

All transportation companies know the importance of safety first-hand. With ADR transport regulations constantly changing; there are always doubts about new regulations. You can dispel these doubts thanks to the safety advisers who manage the forums in the following web sites.

We also enclose a Technical Search of ADR information, safety information and ERIC emergency and intervention cards, where you can search by UN code or by region.

Land transport (Ministry of Public Works)

Here we provide a direct link for those who would like prompt information on actions by the Ministry of Development related to Land Transport (road and rail). You will find some useful information there and we recommend that you visit it at least once, so that you see everything that is available to users.

National Department of Traffic (DGT)

Although it is not the usual type of page that you would save to your favourites, the DGT web site is very plain to browse, however it is extremely useful to everyone. The pages on this website provide information on traffic maps, statistics, point balances, traffic fine notifications, fines processing, important warnings and news, amongst other things.


Web pages with information on national and European emergency services are reached by dialling 112 and offer extensive information on how to deal with these types of situations. Each country also provides specific information for emergency management in their nation. We provide you with access to the Spanish page and to the generic European one, where you can access any country.

Road conditions

You will find real time information here for route planning in Spain and France.

Restrictions on movement

As you already know, there are always places where traffic is temporarily or permanently limited. You can find these places in Spain and France and find out when the restrictions will come into effect.

Weather forecast

When you're planning a route it is important to know the weather conditions you'll be facing. To help you with this we provide the pages of official agencies in Spain and France that provide this information.

Gas station locations and fuel prices

Nowadays, making savings in fuel is one of the most important things in the transportation industry. To find stations and check their fuel prices you can go to the following official pages for Spain and France.

Maps and route planning

Nowadays there is a great variety of websites that provide services to view maps or plan routes nationally or internationally. However, there are some sites that add interesting features such as where to stay and for how much, gas stations, pharmacies, etc. Here we list the most interesting ones.


On this page you can access the websites of major magazines in the transport sector, choose any that interest you.

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