Tank manufacturing, repairs and maintenance


In 1939 D. Juan José Fernández Novillo started a small company for the manufacture and repair of Copper Boilers for use in the Alcohol and Wine processing industry. Later, around 1950, the company expanded its activities to the manufacture and repair of removable carbon steel tanks, which were coated inside with tin to protect against the effects of corrosion.

It was at the end of 1950 when a partnership between the founder D. Juan José Fernández Novillo and D. Luis Mellado Merchan was established. They created the Talleres Fernández y Mellado (Fernández and Mellado Workshops) and the company began to specialise in the manufacture and repair of tanks on vehicles or trailer platforms.

From the late 1950's until the 1970's, the company began the manufacture of tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods according to CAMPSA specifications. The safety systems set up by the service teams of these tanks would later be considered as law by Spanish regulation TPC-79. In 1961 the company's founder delegated his share of the company to his son D. Juan José Fernández Rey, who became a partner of D. Luis Mellado Merchan until he retired in 1977 and D. Juan José Fernández Rey became Managing Director.

In the 1970's, specialisation began of the manufacture of stainless steel tanks adapted to regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods by road in Europe (ADR-73), which would not be compulsory in Spain until 1979.

In 1979 the first project was carried out for the standardisation of tank carriage of dangerous goods by road, supervised by the Bureau Veritas Collaboration Organisation. The company was registered as no. 05 of the special registry of the Ministry of Industry as a Manufacturer of Tanks for the carriage of Dangerous Goods. In 1981 the first vehicle with a freestanding tank was manufactured with approval from the School of Industrial Engineers of Madrid and the first air suspension was assembled with brake testing carried out by external companies.

In 1991 the company trade name of Fernández y Mellado Talleres was changed to TAFYM, S.A. and the TAFYMSA trademark. In 1996 the company expanded and the factory moved to new premises located in the "Pozo Hondo" Industrial Park, Castilla La Mancha Ave., 1 de Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real). The new 4000 m2 facility uses 2500 m2 for offices, warehouses and production shipping.

The current staff and existing resources ensure that production exceeds expectations and quality requirements for our regular customers, many of whom have implemented and certified Quality Systems. From its beginnings, TAFYMSA has ensured that customer's requirements are met. It has done so, by getting ahead of new technologies and regulations on the manufacturing and repair of all types of tanks for the transportation of conventional, dangerous and perishable merchandise. To achieve so, it has employed a multitude of standardisations in each field, satisfying the expectations and trust of its clients.