Tank manufacturing, repairs and maintenance

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1) Starting point:

We know that each client develops their own unique needs

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2) Work method:

We draw from a flexible production structure to adapt to each project

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3) Final Goal

We work so that the customer gets the most useful answer from us

A useful answer for every requirement

We have a substructure of production and service to work as a flexible organisation that adapts itself to the project's individual qualities and the necessities of real application. In some cases, this leads us to developments with a unique and exclusive final result. We are talking about suitable products that are real Solutions for Customers. We are able to produce tanks to carry all kinds of materials, for all types of vehicles, transport or distribution. Our versatility allows the customer to decide the suspension and brake system, the version of the carrier truck and additional equipment etc. Each of our products are designed and built to give an answer for the specific needs of each customer, right down to the last detail.